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Zaobao: Nut Pro 2S released/Huawei Pay 2nd Anniversary Celebration

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-07
Zaobao Comments: It is 1 yuan cheaper than the previous generation product. ◎ARM released its CPU roadmap for the first time. A76 performance surged. ARM, as an intellectual property (IP) supplier, transferred design solutions and produced a business model with unique chips by partners, which has been recognized by the market to a certain extent. . Recently, ARM released the CPU forward-looking roadmap and computing performance data of the Arm Terminal Business Unit by 2020. I believe that many students stayed up late last night to watch Lao Luo's stand-up comedy. What Lao Luo brought this time is not only the cross talk, but also the release of Nut Pro 2S, a cost-effective product that is cheaper than Nut Pro 2. After reading it, Is there any heartbeat? Let us start today's morning newspaper together. ◎The dual-system mobile phone Nut Pro 2S is released from 1798 yuan! On August 20, 2018, Hammer Technology held the 2018 Summer New Product Launch Conference at the Cadillac Center in Beijing. During the launch of the new Nut series-Nut Pro 2S, the new Smartisan OS TNT desktop system was also unveiled at the same time. The machine can be purchased from the official website of Hammer Technology and the official flagship store of Hammer Technology Jingdong from today, starting at a minimum of 1798 yuan. It is reported that this is the first time Arm has disclosed its CPU business roadmap. Zaobao comment: A76 is truly well deserved! ◎ Huawei Pay’s two-year anniversary celebration. The card-issuing discount is going through. With the continuous evolution of payment methods, mobile payment is becoming more and more popular. Among them, Huawei Pay will celebrate its second anniversary on August 31, and Huawei Pay has also sent out a wave of benefits recently. Not much to say, just click on the link and follow the editor to see what content is included in the first party of Welfare. Zaobao Comments: Be prepared, the card package is full. ◎ NVIDIA releases a new generation of graphics card RTX2080Ti series At 0:00 on August 21, before the 2018 Cologne Game Show, NVIDIA founder and CEO Huang Renxun opened a Geforce Global Players Ceremony and delivered a keynote speech, and finally released two A heavyweight graphics card product. Zaobao comments: or will set off a game revolution!
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