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Xiaomi releases 8 years of entrepreneurial documentary, Lei Jun has a golden sentence

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-17
Xiaomi, which has just launched on the market, released the internal documentary 'A Group of Fire' last night for 8 years of entrepreneurship. This 31-minute film was supervised by Zhou Hao, who won the Golden Horse Award documentary film director. Li Wanqiang, Lin Bin, and Zhou Guangping, the veterans of Xiaomi, appeared on the screen. A large number of internal images reproduced the important moments of the life and death of Xiaomi as a mobile phone in the past 8 years. Among them, Lei Jun’s story of “I don’t like selling straw into gold bars” is impressive, and it is expected to become the new “Legend of Xiaomi” just like “Are you ok”.
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