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Xiaomi Mi 3 price is reduced to 1499 yuan, Meizu MX4 listed or counterattack Xiaomi

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-11
Xiaomi officially announced that the price of the Mi 3 mobile phone will be reduced from 1699 yuan to 1499 yuan, which is another price cut since April from 1999 yuan to 1699 yuan. The last price cut was almost announced at the same time as Xiaomi Mi 3 and Meizu MX3. However, due to the perfect, smooth, and metallic shape of Meizu mx3, it was 100 yuan more expensive than Xiaomi Mi 3. The price cut of Xiaomi Mi 3 made many rice fans very dissatisfied, but they were very dissatisfied with the price reduction of Mi 3. For Lei Jun, the substantial price reduction and withdrawal of funds is a Jedi counterattack against Meizu!    This time Meizu’s profit-giving activity during the 618 eleventh anniversary of is an important reason for greatly stimulating Lei Jun’s price reduction, and it is also for the upcoming release. Prepare for MX4! However, due to the many products under Xiaomi, Meizu only has Meizu MX3 that can compete with it, so it will inevitably be a bit harder!    It is reported that there may be three versions of Meizu MX4, namely: Meizu MX4 Ultimate, The price is 2999 yuan; the Meizu MX4 standard version is priced at 2499 yuan; and the Meizu MX4 mini version is priced at only 1999 yuan. In addition, according to internal employees of Meizu, Meizu MX4 will first open up the battlefield and is ready to go on sale in July. At that time, you can compete with Xiaomi!
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