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Xiaomi Magic Changed Wireless Charging Desk: 40 mobile phones can be charged in one piece. Spectacular-Xiaomi, wireless charging ——Quick Technology (drive home flag)

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-29
Nowadays, wireless charging technology has become commonplace. If you don't match this technology, you are embarrassed to say that you are the flagship machine. However, the current mature wireless charging scheme requires the mobile phone and the charging version to be close enough, which puts great demands on the placement of the mobile phone. Xiaomi's brain hole is wide open. With Xiaomi's multi-coil wireless fast charging board, the magic has changed a wireless charging desk, mobile phones, earphones, mice, electric toothbrushes... From now on, it will automatically charge when you put it on the table. The video turns out that the craftsman dug 20 holes in the wooden board and stuffed 20 millet multi-coil wireless fast charging boards to form a 4x5 matrix, which happens to fill the entire desktop, which can satisfy 40 mobile phones for wireless charging together. The Xiaomi multi-coil wireless fast charging board has just been sold today, priced at 599 yuan, with 19 built-in charging coils, which can charge three devices at the same time. In terms of charging efficiency, the Xiaomi multi-coil wireless fast charging board can provide up to 20W of wireless charging power for each device being charged, and the total charging power is 60W. In addition, the Xiaomi multi-coil fast charging board has 6 intelligent protections, including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, undervoltage protection, electrostatic protection, and foreign body detection.
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