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Xiaomi 'AirTag' is coming? Xiaomi's patent for finding items is authorized-Xiaomi, AirTag ——Quick Technology (Drive Home

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-29
In January this year, Samsung released the 'anti-lost artifact' SmartTag and SmartTag+, and Apple also launched AirTag at the recent spring conference. The joining of the two mobile phone giants also set off a new wave of 'anti-lost artifact'. A few days ago, I learned from the Qicha website that Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. recently obtained a patent authorization for 'Method and Device for Finding Objects' with publication number CN106877911B. The application date was January 2017 and the authorization date was June 25. From the patent abstract, it is learned that the present disclosure relates to a method and device for finding items. The method includes: obtaining identification information of the object to be searched, and comparing the identification information with pre-stored identification information in a database, where the pre-stored identification information is information related to the depositor of the stored article. When the identification information matches the pre-stored identification information, output storage location information corresponding to the pre-stored identification information, where the storage location information is used to characterize the storage location of the item to be found. It is understood that through this patent, users can quickly find the items that need to be searched, without having to try hard to recall or toss through the cabinets, which brings a lot of convenience to the users’ lives. According to the patent description, Xiaomi’s patented product is similar to Apple’s AirTag in terms of functions and usage scenarios, but combined with Xiaomi’s consistent high cost performance, the price of this product should not be higher than AirTag. It is reported that AirTag has a diameter of 31.9 mm, a thickness of 8.0 mm, and a weight of 11 grams. The U1 chip adopts ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. The product needs to cooperate with the 'find' application of Apple devices to track and find important items.
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