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With the growth and development of technology

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-11

Apart from saving you from the hassles of setting up mammoth PBX infrastructure and then worry about keeping the giant up and running, the Hosted PBX VOIP Systems offer a vast array of unbeatable features more than any other traditional phone system.There are a number of factors that contribute towards making your business communication easier and more effective.

Toll free numbers- The toll free numbers are a key component of business communication systems. Addition of a toll free number to your business can almost double your conversion rate and drastically increase your customer base. With a toll free number your callers get the impression of dealing with a professional organization and they won't hesitate to call you with an inquiry as it will not cost them a thing. There are many Hosted PBX Providers who provide toll free and local numbers which you can choose as per your requirement. It will also save your customers from struggling to remember difficult numbers.

Click to Call Feature- This is a wonderful feature which will turn your website into a successful marketing tool. The click to call button is easy to place on your website and connects you instantly with your callers. Whenever your customers click on that button it establishes a call between you and them. Since it gives you the caller's number you can also get back to them again if you want to. The easier it will be for the people to reach you, the more customers you will have.

Interactive Voice Response- This feature intelligently routes the incoming calls by accessing the inputs from the user either through speech or touch tones. The menu is simply broken down into a series of few simple questions which will identify the caller and then connect him to the right personnel. This will increase your customer satisfaction and save employees time in manually transferring the calls between departments.

Real Time Customization- All the features can be customized in real time as per your business needs. You can view your Visual Call Reports anytime and by analyzing your caller traffic you can change the settings of ACD, IVR, Call Hunt and ringing duration for each number. The hold music and professional greetings can also be recorded and uploaded in your own voice and in any language. If you want you can play a different recording at different times of the day.

Efficient Call Handling- The features like Call Screening and Call Announce prompt your caller for his name and then announcethe same recording to you along with displaying the phone number. If the number is unrecognized you can choose not to answer the call. The Automatic Screen Pop Ups display the information of a caller for every call by checking the previous call records if any. This prepares your call handling employee prior to answering the call and helps in achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

With The Hosted PBX VOIP Systems you have a Virtual Office that goes with you. Remote employees are connected together seamlessly as if working under one roof. The system is accessible 24X7 from anywhere across the globe helping you in maintaining an organized office environment. In addition to maintain a virtual business presence the Small Business Systems are easily scalable. You can add any number of users easily as your business grows. You don't have to spend heftily in expensive international calls and you can also enjoy features like unlimited calling and faxing at flat prices. There is no doubt these Virtual PBX business phone systems make your communication easier and more enriching.

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