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Winters are often cold and bitter. Getting up

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-13

Not just any gloves these are touch screen gloves

When you think of ways to keep warm in the winter gloves are high on the agenda. But if you like many people can't live without your smart phone or iPad you will no doubt be aware that traditional gloves make you look like monkey trying to play the piano, they just don't work. Well, thanks to touch screen gloves you can blissfully sit at a bus stop and tap away until your heart is content. They are made from 100% acrylic, but have special conductive man made material sewn into the thumb, middle and index finger so you can easily pinch and expand images. Best of all they only cost about 12.99.

Nice cup of tea anyone?

When you are at work and one of your colleagues offers to make you a lovely cup of tea it's really annoying if you get distracted and come back and your tea is cold, you're then left with a choice you can drink it cold, or heat it up in the microwave. Now there's a way to combat this horrible inconvenience. Enter the USB Mug Warmer, now your computer can actually keep your drink hot. This heating gadget is a great stocking filler or secret Santa present because it only costs about 5.00 from Amazon.

A Hi-tech water bottle up your coat

One of the worst things is stepping outside first thing in the morning and having the unpleasant task of preparing your car for your journey into work or waiting at the bus stop. Now think about if you could do this with a heated vest. Imagine how much better the ordeal would be. You could liken it to a hot water bottle. Using re-chargeable batteries this vest can keep you cosy for up to 4 hours, easily long enough for the average journey to and from work. This garment is machine washable and can be purchased for around 100.00. If your other half spends a lot of time outside this is a perfect gift.

What would we do without central heating?

Lastly but certainly not least, we all know how important central heating is. Can you imagine how unbearable life would be without it? Many people keep their boilers until they are no longer in working order and there is nothing wrong with this. But as a result this means there are probably millions of old gas boilers in the UK. When it's time to buy a replacement go for a condensing combi boiler if you live in a small flat or house. You will find they heat your home far more efficiently saving you time and money. For example the British Gas 532 is an awarding winning unit which provides immediate hot water with an output of 30kW. This means it can deliver about 11 litres of hot water per minute at around 35 degrees Celsius. Also with an efficiency of over 90% you waste less heat and save more money.

To keep warm this winter you don't just have to pack on the layers you can use some carefully chosen accessories to make life a little easier.

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