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Why should Ali Meizu executives 'gamble'? Controversy over import interests

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-12
[Abstract] Meizu and Ali will hold a press conference later this month, and Tmall will become the main sales channel for this mobile phone.   Alibaba Cloud OS, which has been released for 2 years, will be updated to 3.0 this week. Earlier, it was reported that Meizu would launch the MX4 equipped with this operating system, but Alibaba revealed to Tencent Technology yesterday that it was not Meizu, but Philips, that the manufacturer of the first smartphone with the 3.0 operating system officially released this week.   However, Meizu’s statement shows that the cooperation between the two parties is in progress. Li Nan, vice president of Meizu Technology, said in an interview with Tencent Technology that Alibaba Group CTO Wang Jian will communicate with Meizu Technology founder Huang Zhang on the 14th in Zhuhai. Li Nan said that if the talks go smoothly, the products of the two parties' cooperation will be launched soon. Wang Jian's Weibo posted late yesterday showed that he is currently in Zhuhai.   People familiar with the matter told Tencent Technology that Meizu and Alibaba will hold a press conference later this month, and Tmall will become the main sales channel of the mobile phone and vigorously promote it. However, this cooperation model is not the previously rumored Alibaba stake in Meizu, but a similar model with other manufacturers, that is, cooperation at the product level to increase the value of the entry.  At present, the cooperation between the two parties has not yet reached an accurate plan due to differences in interests. Specifically, the two companies have made a version of the product according to their own interests: Meizu is promoting the adaptation of Flyme on the basis of Cloud OS 3.0, and Alibaba is mainly promoting the adaptation of Alibaba Cloud OS 3.0 on MX4 .   Li Nan told Tencent Technology that Meizu hopes to no longer be restricted by Google and reduce operational risks, so it chooses to develop Flyme on operating systems other than Android, such as Alibaba Cloud OS and Ubuntu.   For Meizu, Flyme has always been regarded as the largest capital of its transformation, and it is also an important entry point for its participation in the battle for mobile Internet sites. Once Meizu loses control over the entrance, it will completely become a mobile phone hardware manufacturer, which is obviously not what Huang Zhang wants to see. Huang Zhang said on Weibo, “Ali’s money can be ignored, but Flyme’s entrance must be guaranteed.” This has already demonstrated Meizu’s final trump card.  In contrast, Wang Jian posted on Weibo, saying, 'I believe Flyme running on YunOS 3.0 is better than Flyme on Android'. This means that what Alibaba hopes is that Meizu can become the next terminal manufacturer that supports its operating system, while Aliyun OS can become the underlying operating system, and Flyme can optimize the upper layer of the operating system. A person from Alibaba told Tencent Technology more directly that Flyme is just a desktop application.   Cloud OS, in Alibaba's view, is the most fundamental entry point for the mobile terminal and will bring huge traffic revenue to Alibaba. But whether it was the original Tianyu or later second- and third-tier manufacturers, Alibaba has always lacked influential products. The cooperation with Meizu still seems to be just an attempt. Different from other manufacturers, Meizu already has a fixed group of fans and complete marketing and promotion methods.   The only thing that can be expected at the moment is the final outcome of the dialogue between Huang Zhang and Wang Jian. Although it is possible that, as the outside world guessed, the previous choke between the top executives of the two sides on social networks was just a co-star of Alibaba and Meizu, but it is also certain that if there is no more capital operation, Alibaba will not Invest more Ru0026D resources for Meizu.
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