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Why is iPhone 11 fever so severe? At present, iPhone 11 has become a 'fire unicorn'!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-11
However, this phone also has many shortcomings. According to more than 200 negative reviews in the official flagship store of a certain East, it can be known that the iPhone 11 has become a 'fire unicorn.' Many consumers have complained that iPhone 11 is very hot and hot after starting the iPhone 11 and starting the experience. Some users even said that they are like starting a hand warmer. Not only iPhone 11 users complained about the fever, but users of iPhone 11Pro and iPhone 11ProMax models also reported that their phones were hot.   The iPhone 11 series officially went on sale a few days ago. The success of the pre-sale has made the iPhone 11 series come with a halo. Many consumers are eager to try to get a new machine, especially the iPhone 11, which is the most cost-effective. Compared with the iPhone XR that was launched last year, the iPhone 11 not only has improved performance, camera, battery life, etc., but also has a starting price of 1,000 yuan cheaper than the iPhone XR. It is natural that the machine has the highest popularity.   So why is the heat dissipation problem of the iPhone 11 series models so serious? According to many sources, the main reasons are the ios system version and the A13 bionic processor. If the ios version is not properly adapted to the mobile phone, serious heating problems will indeed occur, but after the system is stably upgraded, not only will it not cause serious heating of the mobile phone, but also minimize the power consumption and heat generation.   However, some iPhone 11 series flagship users have praised the fluency of the phone. Since there is no major problem, the system cause can be temporarily ruled out. Therefore, the current A13 bionic chip causes serious heat or is the culprit, and the root cause is the Apple A13 processor and motherboard design problems.  Through disassembly, it can be seen that the iPhone 11 series adopts a double-layer motherboard design, and the internal structure is relatively compact, which leads to insufficient heat dissipation space, so this design itself has poor heat dissipation. What's more, the A13 bionic chip uses a brand-new architecture and process, so under the influence of many factors, the iPhone 11 series will have such a serious heat phenomenon.  Since the high probability is due to the chip and motherboard design, the heat generation problem of the iPhone 11 series will not be completely solved. Of course, the heat generation can be alleviated through system upgrades, which can eventually cure the symptoms and not the root cause. In addition to the heat problem that annoys users, netizens also reported that the signal of the iPhone 11 series is as bad as ever. This is not unrelated to the fact that the iPhone 11 series is still equipped with Intel modems.
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