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Why iPhone?

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-10

iPhone is a smart and latest medium to keep connection with the entire world, with family and friends. Not only connecting with the world it is an excellent gadget for time pass with loads of applications inbuilt and wide range of downloadable applications.

Damages on your favorite gadget-

With constant regular use every gadget goes through wear and tear, iphone4 being a delicate thing might undergo some damages because of mishandling or long time use. Some of the common bruises faced are, the screen might be broken, a damaged dysfunctional battery, serious water damage. All these damages need replacement of parts, so the question arises how to replace iphone4 parts step by step. Users must not haste in their job which might result in some more serious damages.

There are two iphones used:

iphone4 CDMA

iphone4 GSM

Iphone4 CDMA-

There are some common problems and damages for iphone4,

Front camera damage

Rear camera flex cable damage

Audio headphone jack volume switch flex cable damage

Replacement of proximity sensor flex cable

Replacement of home button flex cable

Replacement of battery

Damage of cover

How is the replacement done in iphones?

All the replacement and repairing procedures primarily needs to switch of the phone and disconnect the battery port with removal of some minute screws, 5 point pentalobe screws and connections, these parts need to be preserved properly. Most of the repairing methods also need removal of mother board. These are the basic steps How to Replace iPhone 4 pats.

All the camera related problems like front camera replacement, rear camera flex cable damage repairing needs removal of the camera and changing it with a new one and disconnection of WiFi antennas with opening of small screws all are pentalobe.

Jack volume screw needs to replace the vibrator with removal of 5 screws and the WiFi antenna. The jack volume flex cable needs the replacement of cables with the opening of 5 screws and then changing the desired part.

With step by step disconnection of batteries, vibrator, camera and WiFi antennas carefully and disconnecting the power button from the main circuit and the disconnecting the connection of the flex cable. The six screws on the sides of the iphone4 casing are removed. The display assembly is the completely removed; the proximity flex cable is disassembled and replaced with a new one. While reassembling, care should be taken so that the LCD and the cable connection are properly made.

Battery replacement- Replacement of iphone battery is the easiest repairing method, the casing is attached to the casing with pentalobe batteries on the lower portions of the phone. The opening the back covers of the iphone, the disconnection of WiFi antennas and vibrator and mother board is made and the old damaged battery is replaced with a new one.

All the disassembling of the iphone should be done very carefully and reassembling should be done following the reverse steps; if some problem arises the set should be immediately taken to the expert. Using authentic parts ensures long life of the phone.

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