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Why does iPhone11 get a serious fever? Netizen: It feels like I took a warm baby, best used in winter!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-12
The back cover of the iPhone 11 Pro series is made of a whole piece of glass precisely polished and injected with dual ion exchange strengthening. It is known as the strongest glass panel of the iPhone so far.   Currently, the first batch of iPhone 11 user experience evaluations have been released. Actual measurement shows that the iPhone 11 series is the most durable iPhone in history. Although the iPhone's anti-fall ability is still not the best, the glass panel of the iPhone 11 series is indeed improved compared to the old models and has a certain degree of durability.   In addition, the Bionic A13 processor on the iPhone 11 has improved the overall performance by 20% compared to the first generation, but the dual-layer motherboard design may cause certain heat dissipation problems.   Many netizens tweeted on Weibo that the iPhone 11 pro-test was very hot. Some netizens said that the heating position is mainly concentrated near the bottom of the camera and near the power button.   As for the signal, although Apple has reached a settlement with Qualcomm, the iPhone 11 series cannot use the Qualcomm baseband due to schedule reasons. The Intel baseband is still used, and the signal is basically on the same level as the previous generation iPhone XS.   After the release of the new iPhone, the problem of the old iPhone reappeared. A few days ago, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said on Weibo that after upgrading to iOS 13, his old iPhone camera stopped working, and restarting was useless.   Wang Xiaochuan said that after upgrading to iOS 13, I was not the only one who could not use the camera, and there were two other phenomena: one was that the flashlight was not working, and the other was that the facial recognition was broken.
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