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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-02
What should I do if the screen protector is peeled off too heavily? What should I do if the peeling force of the screen protector is too heavy during production? Why is the peeling force of the screen protector so heavy sometimes? Is there any way to solve the heavy peeling force of the screen protector? Screen protective film is a kind of mobile phone protective film with stickiness. Generally, a silicone coating is coated on the base film, and a release film is laminated after curing (low-viscosity screen protective film can be laminated with the original PET film). To know the reason for the increased peeling force of the screen protector, you must first understand the production process of the screen protector and the problems that may occur in each process. The production process of the screen protector is as follows: The cross-linking agent is added in different proportions according to different viscosities and diluted with mixed solvents such as toluene and ethyl acetate to be suitable; filtration: the formulated silica gel glue is fully filtered several times and then connected to a reactor for circulating filtration. At the end of the filtering system, an appropriate amount of silica gel glue is sent to the coating system; coating: different coating equipment uses different coating processes (generally direct coating, extrusion, transfer, etc.). Baking (curing): first according to The solvent volatilizes, the glue solidifies, and the final cooling buffer sequence makes the silicone glue solidify and form in the base film. Laminating the release film and winding: The silicone glue and the base film are cured by the oven and then the release film is laminated and rewinded to make a semi-finished product. Before shipment, you can slit and rewind according to the customer's requirements. The above is the entire process of screen protection film production. The reason for the increased peeling force usually appears in the first and fourth steps. In the first step, the amount of curing agent added is too much. Insufficiency leads to complete curing in the later stage. After the release film is attached, it will continue to solidify slowly, and it will adhere to the release film under the action of the anchoring agent, which will increase the peeling force. Excessive anchoring agent will increase the surface activity of the cured silicone coating. It can also greatly increase the peeling force of the screen protection film. In the fourth step, insufficient oven temperature or insufficient curing time through the oven will also lead to insufficient curing agent addition.
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