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Which is better, Huawei mate40 or p40? Children only make choices, and of course adults...

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-07
Huawei P series products and M series products are the main products in Huawei mobile phones, which belong to high-end smart phones. The new product launch conference in the third quarter is also the top priority of Huawei's two products every year.   I think that the two series of mobile phones not only inherit the past and the future, but also have a certain emphasis on them.   One is positioning. There is a certain difference in positioning on the two phones. The key positioning of P series products is to be dominated by young people. The M-series products are more business-oriented, and are dominated by middle-aged and elderly people.   The second is the design plan. Because of different positioning, design products are also different. P series products look good and take pictures, and are more popular with young people. M series products are suitable for the selection of middle-aged and elderly business men.   The third is equipment. M series products are generally on sale in the third quarter, while P series products are on sale in the first half of the year. M series products have always been equipped with defense as offense, and the selection of equipment and technology will be higher than P series products.   From the perspective of P40 and Mate40 to be announced in 2020. Do friends want to buy P40 or Mate40? You can refer to my analysis. If you are a young person, and the cost budget is not so high, you can start P40 immediately in the first half of the year. If you are a successful man, Mate40 will be the best choice. Because the positioning of Mate is higher than that of P series products, especially Mate40 will use Huawei's newly upgraded CPU and many powerful new technology applications.   Overall, Mate40 technically leads the P40 generation. For example, CPUMate40 is Linlin 1000CPU service platform, 5nm process technology. The P40 is a Kirin 990 series product processing chip with 7nm process technology. Surveillance camera Mate40 series products use 6 surveillance cameras in which there are three-dimensional camera lenses. Also has marketing tools than P40. And Mate40 is better than the P40 series products in terms of hardware and software upgrades, whether it is system software or rechargeable batteries. According to the parameter configuration and price of Huawei P40 series mobile phones, it is likely that Huawei P40PRO is not as popular as this year’s P31080ro. However, the characteristics of Huawei P40 series products are still very strong, and said Truth be told, people who use Apple iPhones will not abandon the iPhone casually, and those who use Huawei phones will not abandon Huawei casually! Just, to be honest, now, if you want someone who has never used an Apple iPhone before It is indeed very difficult for people to buy an iPhone!    Similarly, this year, if you want someone who is not a Huawei fan to buy Huawei P40pro, maybe it is not easy, right? Well, Huawei P30Pro can indeed help Huawei Competing for customers from other mobile phone brands, and Huawei P40pro may not be too destructive against other brands of mobile phones! Objectively speaking, Huawei P40pro can help Huawei attract Huawei fans and prevent them from becoming other mobile phone brands. fan.
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