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Which iphone11 or 12 is worth buying? Those who know how to do it all do this!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-08
Following the announcement of the iPhone 12 series, the previous generation of iPhone flagship iPhone 11 also quickly entered the safe channel for price reduction. The price of iPhone 11 on Apple’s official website has already dropped to 4799 yuan, which is 700 yuan less than the original price. Some third-party e-commerce platforms have even higher price cuts. Therefore, many netizens who are preparing to start iPhone in the near future want to ask: Which iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 is more worth buying? Let's take a look at the improvement of iPhone 12 compared to iPhone 11!    The big difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 is the first. The key difference is the role of 5G. iPhone12 is on 5G mobile phones, while iPhone11 is on 4g mobile phones. The 5G network speed is faster, and the iPhone 12 uses Qualcomm baseband, and the wireless antenna has undergone a redesign. Therefore, the network speed is undoubtedly stronger than that of the iPhone 11. Therefore, if it is a netizen who has relatively high requirements on network speed and data signal quality, it would be better to choose iPhone12.   However, 5G has not yet been fully popularized at this stage, and it is not easy for some small cities and remote areas to have a sound 5G Internet in the next two to three years. So for some customers, iPhone 12's 5G is likely to be a more dispensable role. It is also possible to choose iPhone 11 in this type of situation.  The price difference is big    This time the iPhone 12 series products released four version numbers in one go. In fact, the iPhone 12 mini took over the price of the iPhone 11, and the price of the iPhone 12 rose to 6299 yuan. In this way, compared with the iPhone 11, which has already been reduced to 4799 yuan, the price difference between the two is 1,500 yuan, which is still quite large. Therefore, if it is a netizen with a relatively limited cost budget, it is very likely that they will only choose the more cost-effective iPhone 11.  The screen has improved greatly   This time, the iPhone 12’s screen is significantly improved compared to the iPhone 11. It is replaced by a clearer high-pixel OLED screen with a screen pixel density of 460PPI, and the actual effect of displaying information is stronger. And the big benefit of the OLED screen is that the outer frame is narrower. In fact, the front face of the iPhone 12 is no longer different from that of the iPhone 12 Pro, and the outer frame and lower jaw are both narrow.   Because of the application of the LCD screen, the screen resolution of iPhone 11 is not high-definition. The screen pixel density is only 326PPI, the frame is also very wide, and the appearance is relatively crude. Naturally, some netizens are accustomed to LCD screens, which are not suitable for iPhone 12's OLED screen, so it is possible to choose iPhone 11.  Lighter appearance  Because of the use of OLED screens, although the specifications on the two phones are all 6.1 inches, the iPhone12 is smaller than the iPhone11. In particular, the thickness of iPhone12 is only 7.4mm, and the net weight is only 162 grams. The thickness of the iPhone 11 is 8.9mm, and the net weight is 194 grams. Therefore, iPhone12 is much lighter than iPhone11, and the touch will be better.   The endurance is different.    The battery capacity of iPhone 12 is 2275 mAh, and the battery capacity of iPhone 11 is 3110 mAh. The key to the shrinkage rate of rechargeable batteries is that iPhone 12 is getting lighter and lighter. However, the official website shows that the audio and video online viewing time of iPhone12 is basically the same as that of iPhone11. This is also due to the application of a better 5nm process technology in A14CPU, with lower functional loss.   But the iPhone did not get the battery life of the iPhone 12 in the 5G network space, and from the main performance of the Android machine, the 5G baseband chip is still more power-consuming. The iPhone 12 uses the same Qualcomm baseband as most Android phones, so the power consumption in the 5G natural environment is not cheerful. Therefore, if 5G is often used on the Internet, the battery life of the iPhone 12 may not be as good as the 4g iPhone 11.   A14 is stronger.    iPhone12’s A14CPU has improved features in addition to better processing technology. Although due to the element of endurance, the improvement of A14 compared to A13 is not significant, but if you often play games, you can still appreciate the difference between the two.   Generally speaking, the development of iPhone12 compared to iPhone11 is focused on the screen, data signal, and shell touch. Therefore, if you are a customer who values u200bu200bthis role, it is undoubtedly better to choose iPhone12. Conversely, if you don’t care about this improvement and just want to buy an iPhone that is sufficient and smooth and will not freeze in two or three years, then the reduced iPhone 11 is also a very good choice.
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