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Where did all the second-hand iPhones go?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-04
Almost all of the iPhones in the insurance company will be replaced by the official. Some good-quality mobile phones will be directly repaired and treated, and they will continue to be sold as official replacements. This is a well-known fact. It will also launch its own second mobile phone sales model, where users can buy second-hand iPhones directly from Apple's official channels. Secondly, if the quality is slightly lower, it may be sold as parallel imports or sold directly at a lower price. Some mobile phone stores or second-hand recycling platforms often recycle second-hand iPhones, and then resell them to other consumers who like to buy second-hand phones at a higher price, so that they can resell them in the middle, and then sell them with the forefoot to make a difference. Apple’s iPhone users have a very large base worldwide, and they are also growing rapidly with tens of millions of sales each year. In recent years, they have accounted for more than 20% of the industry’s market share. With such a large user group, a lot of second-hand iPhone mobile phones will naturally be born. In recent years, even a lot of second-hand iPhone recycling platforms have even been born. So have you ever wondered where these recycled second-hand iPhones go? The first is naturally refurbished. During this process, second-hand iPhones did not realize any changes in direction, but were replaced by direct transactions. Finally, second-hand iPhones can be disassembled for recycling parts and sold again. Some iPhones that have been damaged more severely will be split into parts, but the price will be relatively lower, and these parts will generally be used in the repair of new phones, and ordinary consumers have not disassembled the phone. In fact, it is difficult to detect the consciousness or skills of the examination. How do you deal with second-hand iPhones? What do you think will happen to the recycled second-hand iPhone? Welcome to talk about your views.
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