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When will Xiaomi 5 be available? Xiaomi 5 will be available on the market or released on January 15

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-14
Millet 4 Special Edition Mobile 4G (white) Gome Online: ¥2385 More merchants   Recently, rumors about the next generation of Xiaomi mobile phones have been hyped up, and even the so-called real machine spy photos have been exposed. And now, according to a report from the Taiwanese media 'Electronic TimesHowever, if Xiaomi does decide to adopt a sapphire screen, the existing sapphire output may not be able to meet the demand, so it is expected to be sold in the form of a top-matched version.  Or with a sapphire screen  According to Taiwanese media 'Electronic Times' citing anonymous industry insiders, the Xiaomi Mi 5 mobile phone may be covered with sapphire glass on the touch screen surface, but the current sapphire output cannot meet the demand. At the same time, the source also said that for models with a 5-inch or larger touch screen, the cross-section of the sapphire will be larger, which will increase the growth time of the sapphire crystal and reduce the yield. In addition, the use of sapphire as a protective layer also requires complicated processes and higher costs.
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