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When will Nuts come out of new machines? Four-camera exposure of the new JMGO camera, Luo Yonghao complained about the new camera, saying that he would not buy it!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-16
From the exposure pictures, only part of the back of the new hammer can be seen. The upper part adopts a four-camera design with three cameras arranged vertically, and a camera and a flash are on the right side of the camera group. There is also the LOGO of the hammer phone at the bottom of the phone.   News on October 7th, well-known digital bloggers exposed spy photos of the new JMGO machine on Weibo, which is indeed AV quality. It is reported that the new JMGO machine will be released on October 31, but Luo Yonghao has already responded that the new machine has nothing to do with him. However, since the JMGO mobile phone Ru0026D team has not changed significantly, it is believed that the experience of the new mobile phone and the previous hammer mobile phone will not be much different.   Interestingly, Luo Yonghao also reposted this Weibo. Luo said that as a former colleague, I would not buy it. There are too many advertisements and bugs. Luo Yonghao confirmed that this is the first new nut machine operated by Bytedance. A wave of ridicule from the former CEO makes people feel that the sales of this machine are going to flutter.   A press conference without Lao Luo is not a good cross talk. Will the hammer be better without Lao Luo?
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