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When will Huawei mate30 be released? The world's first second-generation 5G mobile phone, the hardware configuration is absolutely OK!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-10
Huawei's consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong introduced the new Mate30 series at the press conference that day. He said that the Huawei Mate30 series is equipped with the Kirin 990 5G chip, which is the pinnacle of the Kirin series of chips so far. It uses 7nm+EUV technology to integrate the 5G baseband into the SoC for the first time, 'I believe it will bring you the ultimate 5G experience.' .  Huawei released its latest flagship mobile phone Mate30 series to the world on the 19th in Munich, Germany. Huawei said that the Mate30 series is equipped with the world's first built-in full-standard 5G baseband mobile phone system chip Kirin 990 5G developed by Huawei, providing an outstanding 5G connection experience. As the biggest selling point of this series of mobile phones, the Huawei Mate30 series is called 'the world's first second-generation 5G mobile phone'. It has realized 2G/3G/4G/5G full Netcom, NSA/SA dual-mode, FDD in a single 5GSoC chip. /TDD full frequency band, 5G+4G dual card dual standby and other functions. With the support of the above technology, the Mate30 series can download movies and game data packages in just a few seconds, allowing users to experience ultra-low latency cloud games and video live broadcasts.  Huawei has chosen to hold the global launch of its latest flagship mobile phone in Germany for several years in a row. This year's new product release has also attracted great attention from the German media. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung stated in the report that the technical data of the Mate30 is as shocking as expected: the four-lens design on the back of the phone is equipped with a 1/1.54-inch photosensitive element and has ISO 51200 ultra-high-definition night photography. In the world, there is no similar product yet, and the video displayed at the press conference was amazing.'
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