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When iPad2 has gained great success, experts are

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-04

IPad2 which has made great progress in software and operation system, is still a type of entertainment gadget. No one prefers to point to the screen with fingers for several hours. It can't permit you to chat via MSN while watching movies. This might be the big obstacle that tablet PC can't replace laptop. Most people are adapted to the keyboard and mouse while operating a laptop. Plus, laptop can do more than entertainment. Also it can be taken as an essential assistant for business work. Some can be a mobile work station. This is the extinct feature that tablets can't come up with. By the way, the sales record of iPad is worse than iPhone due to the software performance. Besides the light weight and smart design, it is a decorated Netbook.

The advantage of iPad relies on the cheap price and the streamline design. It is obvious that fewer and fewer Netbook prevails at present market while iPad and other similar products are hot recently. No denying that iPad is a sound replacement of Netbook. However, the future of tablet is pessimistic. The position is awkward like that of Netbook. When the economy is dismayed, low price can be a big winner. In fact, it has captured large market at such a short time. The bad thing is that more manufacturers change the producing tragedy which focuses on the tablet PC field.

All in all, new product is the reflection of the development of technology. Everything has two sides like the computer. Nothing can last forever. Namely, tablet pc is one of the most outstanding among all the electronic gadgets. there is a day that brand new items will substitute for it.

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