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When Apple lost Jobs, watch Cook's 72 changes

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-09
Apple's penetration into everyone's life always carries a bit of compelling extravagance. The global popularity of the iPhone has made Apple a more influential star company than the early Apple. In the past five or six years, Apple can be said to be a technology company that has penetrated everyone's life in the world. However, with the gradual lack of innovation in iPhone and iOS, Apple now seems to be gradually losing its vitality.   But I have to say that Apple products, which have already penetrated into our lives, still dominate the electronic market. The financial report data shows that Apple has an absolute advantage in the field of mobile phones and tablets.  Apple is still the king of gold   It is obviously unfair to say that 'Apple stops growing' from the point that Apple's net profit growth has slowed down. Don’t ignore Apple’s cash flow. After the announcement of the second fiscal quarter’s earnings, Apple’s Chief Financial Officer Pete Oppenheimer said: “Our ability to create cash is still very strong. Cash from business operations in the second fiscal quarter Flow was US$12.5 billion; as of the end of the second fiscal quarter, we had a cash balance of US$145 billion.” As we all know, cash turnover is the ultimate key to the survival of a business. Apple's first quarter revenue growth but not profit growth was mainly due to the rapid increase in costs. Apple has been working hard to develop some new hardware, software and service products, but at the same time, the speed of new products entering the sales area may not be fast enough, thus affecting the company's net profit performance. It is worth mentioning that Apple CEO Tim Cook has also expressed the hope that investors will no longer regard Apple as a high-growth emerging growth company, but as a mature company, so you can summarize it, Although Apple's high growth is no longer there, it still has a strong ability to attract gold.  Where did the sound of bad-mouthing Apple come from?   In fact, where did the sound of bad-mouthing come from, everyone should be very clear. The cause is the death of Jobs, who has been deified. Jobs left, and the former second-in-command Cook took over. Many people don't even know who Cook is. So in the future, Apple will still be the original Apple? Isn't it? This is the source of bad news. In fact, Cook is a very successful businessman, gentle and steady, the key is that he can make Apple make money, but unfortunately, he is not Jobs, not like Jobs, so later appeared a lot of labelled 'Jobs participated in the design before his death.' The various claims about the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 show that everyone has no confidence in Apple in the post-Jobs era. And the iOS system, which was born with the soul of Jobs, has gone through 6 years. It once seemed to be a system from the future. Today, it has become a common product that people can see at any time in the pockets of ordinary people. In other words, there are very few changes. IOS is no longer cool. It is too common. Consumers' curiosity, face and herd mentality are not satisfied, and users will naturally be lost. This is the bad news of consumers towards Apple.
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