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What to do if there are a large number of unfamiliar numbers in Apple 6's address book

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-20
Posted on 06.26 When we use mobile phones, we sometimes find that there are a lot of unfamiliar numbers, unknown names, and other business numbers in the mobile phone. How should we deal with this situation? I will tell you the specific method today. Method/Step Generally, if an unfamiliar number appears, it looks like this when you click on the address book. Sometimes we don’t know how to get many numbers. 1 In fact, this is because someone who uses iCloud together with you has synchronized the phone address book with the cloud. So the solution is also related to the cloud. 2 First, we open the settings button on the home page. 3 After opening, we kept pulling down the menu, knowing the option to find iCloud. Generally, there is your apple ID below this option. 4 When you find it, tap to enter iCloud. At this time, we will see many options, and we can also see information such as iCloud space requirements, synchronized content, and specific synchronization methods. 5 Scroll down to find the address book item. The back should be open. If you don't have other devices that need to be synchronized, just close it, that is, pull the button to the white place. 6 After pulling it, there will be a required option below, prompting us whether we need to keep the synchronized address book or delete it. Just click the red delete button. 7 The next step is very simple. When we go back to the address book, we will find that those unfamiliar address books have been deleted. It's that simple. 8
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