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What to do if the home button of Apple 6 fails

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
Posted on 06.28 Sometimes we will encounter the situation where the HOME button does not work. If you don't use the virtual key, you can use the HOME key directly. This situation may be more likely to happen. What should I do if the HOME key fails? Today, the editor will take a look at the solution with everyone. Methods/Steps It may not be the key problem, but the dust or static electricity inside the HOME key. So how should this problem be solved? First, we lock the screen or shut it down, preferably directly shut down, and then gently flick the Home button with your fingers, after a while, white dirt may appear, and then repeat the “flick” until it is normal. 1 The second method requires resetting the HOME button, which is also a soft problem solution, and the method is very simple. First of all, we open any app, whichever will do. 2 Then, press and hold the power button until the slide to power off button appears. Do not slide to power off at this time. Press and hold the HOME button for a few seconds until you return to the Springboard. This resets the HOME button. If it is a soft problem, it is usually the case. It should be ready to use. 3 Clean and wipe. Prepare medical alcohol, cotton balls, and tweezers. The iPhone is at a 45-degree angle to the ground, the Home button is down, and the earpiece is up. Use tweezers to take an alcohol cotton ball and press it on the Home button. Press the tweezers firmly on the alcohol cotton to let the alcohol seep out, and wipe it back and forth along the edge of the Home button. Repeat this, wait for the alcohol to evaporate. 4 External power supply test. Charge the phone, then keep pressing the HOME button, and let go after SIRI appears. Unplug the power supply, test results. 5 Flash, if none of these methods work, then you can only flash, connect to the computer, back up your own things, and then re-upgrade the firmware, wait until the firmware upgrade is complete, and test. 6 Repair, if none of the above methods work, then only send it for repair. During the warranty period, you can send the fruit to the official, if it is not within the warranty period, you can choose a repairer, such as our, for repair. It is very risky to disassemble the machine yourself, so don't do it. We have many professional maintenance personnel here who can solve the problem for you. 7
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