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What should I do if the iPhone 6 Plus cannot be turned on? Solution

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-26
Posted on 05.05 At present, there are many mobile phone users using iPhone6 u200bu200bPlus, so there are many questions about how to use iPhone6 u200bu200bPlus. Among them, the question most asked by iPhone 6 Plus users is: What should I do if the iPhone 6 Plus phone cannot be turned on? The editor believes that there are many reasons why the iPhone 6 Plus cannot be turned on. You can try some solutions according to the following! Method/Step Method 1. See if the battery is exhausted. If this is the case, replace the phone. Connect the power supply to charge. It should be noted that even after charging is connected to the power supply, it will take a few minutes to turn on the device, and it can be turned on normally after charging to 5%. 1 Method 2. It may be a temporary system failure. If you encounter a black screen and there is no response when you press any key, we can force the iPhone6 u200bu200bPlus to shut down at the same time, while pressing the 'Power button' + 'Home button' and pressing at the same time After 5 seconds, it can be forced to shut down, and then we press the power button to turn it on, it should be fine. 2 Method 3. For the problem that iPhone 6 Plus cannot be turned on, we can also use Aisi Assistant to restore the system to solve it. 3 Method 4. Of course, the iPhone 6 Plus cannot be turned on, and the cause of the hardware failure cannot be ruled out, so you need to find an Apple after-sales service or repair the machine at a professional repair point. 4
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