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What should I do if iPhone 6s falls into the water? Handling method of mobile phone water

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-22
Posted on 09.01 When we are using our mobile phone, it is inevitable that we will accidentally get the mobile phone into water or fall into the water, especially now that the price of smart phones is not cheap, if your iPhone 6s phone gets water, I believe many users It will be very heartache. Compared with other iPhone models before, the iPhone 6s mobile phone is still very resistant to water, and the survival rate of the mobile phone when dropped into the water is relatively high. The editor of the grass bag network will give you a detailed introduction to the iPhone 6s after being watered. Approach. Methods/Steps First of all, the iPhone 6S is flooded, so remember not to turn it on or off immediately. 1 Dry the body, such as water stains on the iPhone 6S, and clean the water in the SIM card slot. Remember: It is not recommended to use a hair dryer, heating, or stove to dry. If you use a hair dryer, do not use hot air, but cold air, otherwise it may cause the motherboard to deform. 2 Put the iPhone 6S in the rice bag. The equilibrium humidity of the rice stored at home is between 50-70%, which can play a role in drying and absorb moisture slowly. Therefore, if you put the phone in the rice bag for 24 to 48 hours and then take it out, the phone can be saved. Of course, it would be better if there was a desiccant, and the effect was definitely better than that of rice. This is just sucking out the water and may not be able to repair the phone. 3 Earlier, we only treated the water in the mobile phone. In fact, the drying effect of that level is only temporary. It is only useful if the mobile phone enters very little water. General mobile phone users do not have the ability to disassemble, so you may need to find a professional repairer to test. However, we can first understand that Apple has set a few labels in the phone, and that material turns red immediately when it encounters water. 4 As long as one of the labels turns red, Apple's after-sales door will no longer be open to you. For most of the friends who have flooded, my suggestion to them is that if you can disassemble the machine for cleaning, you must disassemble the machine for disposal. 5 Many of the motherboards and cables of Apple mobile phones are made of metal components, so they may get rusty if water gets in. If the rust is not too serious, the phone can still work with illness, but after a period of time, there will be problems. The reason is that the parts of the phone are almost oxidized and the phone starts to strike. 6 Look at some locations, they are already moldy, especially locations such as fingerprint cables, which are the easiest to mold. Moldy is actually a kind of corrosion, which is similar to rust, and is a time bomb. Many of my friends’ iPhone 6S fingerprints can’t be used. The reason is that the mold on the fingerprint cable is not handled in time. Therefore, the editor recommends that friends with mobile phones flooded. Be sure to go to a professional repair shop and find a reliable master to help you clean up the motherboard, internal screen, and cable from the inside to the outside. 7
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