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What kind of mobile phone protective film material is good? Choose a mobile phone protective film

by:YoukingTech     2021-10-28
①: High-definition anti-scratch mobile phone film-in addition to its own functions to prevent screen scratches, it makes the mobile phone screen clearer and more translucent. After the film is applied, the brightness and clarity of the mobile phone screen can be improved. ②: High-definition frosted mobile phone film-in addition to making the mobile phone screen clearer, it can anti-reflect light and protect the eyes. The content of the mobile phone screen can be clearly seen under the premise of still not adjusting the screen brightness in the sun. The high-definition frosted mobile phone film has fine frosted particles, which can scatter the light, reduce the direct radiation of the light to the eyes, and protect the left and right sides of the eyes. ③: Mirror film-as the name suggests, it uses the principle of mirror imaging. A layer of material is attached to the mobile phone film to reflect light. The mobile phone film has the function of a mirror, which is more suitable for female friends who are pursuing beauty. ④: High-transparent mobile phone film-ultra-thin mobile phone film, attached to the mobile phone screen to make the phone screen clear ⑤: privacy mobile phone film-privacy mobile phone film on the front, you can see the contents of the screen, sideways can not be completely When you see the content of the mobile phone screen, you can only see a cloud of black. The principle of anti-peeping is mainly to use refracted light. The peeping film is mainly used in business, subway, and bus. ⑥: High-definition anti-fingerprint-the latest high-definition anti-fingerprint material, the surface is treated with a special fine matte, which combines the transparency of the high-definition sticker and the wear-resistant and anti-fouling of the matte sticker! It has strong anti-reflective, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and anti-greasy capabilities; and has a high permeability! Electrostatic vacuum adsorption technology makes it easier to paste and does not corrode the screen! It can block the strong light generated by the reflection of the backlight or the glare derived from the strong light of the screen itself, effectively protect the eyes, anti-ultraviolet, and anti-radiation.
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