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What is the yellow page of Samsung J5108 mobile phone?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-28
Posting on 05.23 mobile phone yellow pages is to move the traditional yellow pages to the mobile phone, similar to the search engines of Baidu and Google, but this search engine is implemented on the mobile phone, and you can easily query the basic information of the company by picking up the mobile phone anytime, anywhere. (Telephone Directory). The specific usage method is as follows, follow the editor together! ! Method/Steps First, we turn on the phone, and click the [Contact] icon on the standby page. 1 Then enter the [Contacts] interface, and then click the [Yellow Pages] option. 2 A box will pop up. After we read the description of 'Legal Information3 The yellow page has been opened, select the type of yellow page, here is to select [After-sales service] as an example. 4 The company name and phone number of each brand have been successfully displayed. Click on a company name to display more contact information of the company. Here, click [Samsung (5)] as an example. (Note: The company name with '()' + 'number' after it means there are multiple contact methods.) 5 Click the [Phone] icon to make a direct call. Here, 'Samsung' is taken as an example. 6 After all the above procedures are completed, the phone can be successfully called. 7
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