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What is the purpose of the white line design behind Apple 6?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-20
Posted on 06.22 We all know that there is a white line design on the back of Apple 6, I believe many fruit fans think that this is just a design for the pursuit of beauty. In fact, this white line has a lot to do with it. Today, I will tell you about it. The method/procedure was not mentioned in the Apple press conference. Compared with the previous Apple products, 6 has added the full Netcom function and supports the 02.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless network (single antenna, dual frequency 2.4GHz/ 5GHz) and Bluetooth 4.0, which makes the design of mobile phones more difficult. 1 The back split design is used because two white lines divide the phone into five parts, A BCD E, A is the camera area, BCD is the part between the two white lines, and E is the part below the lower white line . 2 The metal shell we see seems to be a one-piece design, but it is not. Above the upper white line is the upper part of the antenna, below the lower white line is the lower part of the antenna, and the middle part happens to be the grounding part of the mobile phone antenna. The metal shell is filled with plastic to ensure sufficient signal. 3 The upper part of the antenna is divided into three parts, Cellular secondary antenna, dual-band WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and other functions. Here we use the exploded view of GeekBar to look at the appearance of the antenna. 4 The antenna in the lower half mainly involves the Cellular main antenna. Zhang looks like this. 5 To put it simply, if all signals use only one antenna, there will inevitably be a fight between the antennas, and such a fight will affect the call and the use of the cellular data network. 6 And Apple 6 has fully considered this point. When designing the antenna, it did not adopt the previous main antenna method, but set up each antenna separately. Under the premise of ensuring the signal quality, the design of the 'white band' (antenna) is also As a last resort. 7
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