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What is the difference between Samsung Note3 mobile phone and other mobile phone functions 'S search' function analysis

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-11
Samsung released the latest flagship mobile phone Galaxy Note3. Compared with the previous generation, in addition to the configuration upgrade, the system also has a certain improvement. Among them, the feature of the Note series-the S Pen has also made great changes. Including the 'S search' function, let us briefly understand this function below. There are many ways to call out the 'S Search' function. When the S Pen is unplugged, a fan-shaped menu will pop up on the phone screen. The magnifying glass icon is the 'S Search' function we are going to introduce, or press the button on the S Pen , You can also call out the fan-shaped menu, you can also long press the menu button, you can enter the 'S search' interface.   After entering 'S Search   Through tag search, you can find music, pictures, videos, contacts and other content, plus conditions such as date and location to narrow the search scope, you can easily find relevant information. 'S Search' also supports search applications. When there are too many applications in the phone, or you don’t know which folder the application is in, you can search for the name of the application, including of course some opened web pages and favorites. 'S Search' can search results. In addition to searching for text, you can also search for symbols. For example, if there are formulas in some files, or some special symbols, this function will be very convenient. For example, when you search for the symbol '*.   When there is no matching option, 'S search' will jump to the network search, the default is Baidu, which is also a relatively user-friendly option. In addition, the search results can be exported to S Note, or shared through S Note, but these functions are not frequently used in the process.
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