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What is the difference between blue light film and green light film? Is it really possible to prevent blue light?-film, blue light-fast technology (media under the drive house)-section

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-31
With the popularization of mobile phones and other electronic products, there are more and more 'head-down families'. Whether it is work or life, many people's eyes are already inseparable from electronic screens. Everyone is familiar with the hazards of staring at electronic screens for a long time. Some merchants have also introduced blue light film and green light film for eye protection and anti-blue light. What is the difference between them? Can it really prevent blue light? Please see my detailed introduction below. What is 'Blu-ray' here to correct a stereotype. Blue light is not all harmful blue light. In fact, blue light with a wavelength between 480nm-500nm is even beneficial to the human body. The harmful blue light we often say is actually short-wave blue light, with a wavelength between 400nm-450nm. Harm of blue light Short-wave blue light has strong penetrating power. Long-term exposure to this type of blue light for more than two hours can cause the atrophy of retinal pigment epithelial cells and the death of light-sensitive cells, leading to gradual decline in vision and even blindness. It also accelerates the decomposition of lutein, which can absorb harmful light in the eye, and causes the macular degeneration in the eye that protects the retina. In this way, the penetration of harmful light such as blue light becomes easier, and the human eye becomes very fragile. Especially for children with immature eyes, the damage of blue light is more direct and obvious. In addition, blue light can also inhibit the secretion of melatonin, disturb sleep, and increase the incidence of major diseases. Blue tempered film The working principle of blue tempered film is to reduce the harm to the eyes by absorbing and converting the high-energy short-wave blue light emitted by the light source. The blue light film is composed of a layer of blue light AB glue. Although blue light film effectively blocks ultraviolet rays, short-wave blue light rays and other harmful rays to the human body, many blue light films on the market have very low light transmittance. It can be said that neither has the ability to reduce the damage of blue light. The blue light film also has chromatic aberration on the screen display, which makes the screen display distorted. While filtering the blue light, it will darken the overall vision, making it easy to see the screen clearly under strong outdoor light. So now the blue light protective film is no longer as popular as it was when it was first launched. Green light tempered film Green light film is personally recommended mobile phone film. The advantages of green light film are explained in detail below. The real green light tempered film is composed of primary color electroplating layer, high transparent glass layer, anti-fingerprint coating, diamond strengthening layer and green light AB glue. It is made with chlorophyll extract and uses the defocusing principle of chlorophyll to use green light film to prevent the eyeball from being in focus for a long time to relieve eye fatigue, prevent myopia, and protect the eyes. The green light film takes advantage of the comfort of green light to human eyes while absorbing the harmful ultraviolet rays of strong light, while reducing the glare generated by strong light to the eyes and absorbing harmful blue light. Compared with blue light film, green light film absorbs blue light better. The green film also has a certain effect on eye protection and anti-fatigue. Through anti-radiation and anti-blue light, it can effectively filter 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light radiation of the screen. It adopts bidirectional absorbing green light coating, which absorbs harmful light on both sides, which is very suitable for heavy mobile phone enthusiasts. The blue light film will reflect light under sunlight and light, making the screen unclear, while the green light film will not. It also maintains high light transmittance under the strengthened tempered film, protecting the eyes while not dazzling. Compared with blue light, green light is more gentle on the screen and has less color cast. It can maintain the original color of the mobile phone screen without yellowing. Individuals usually look at mobile phones more often, and their eyes are relatively deep, so they pay more attention to eye protection. Green light film is currently used in mobile phones. Of course, the green light film is only a part. To completely avoid the blue light hazard, you need to maintain good eye habits. Keep moderate lighting and keep your eyes away from the electronic screen. Avoid staring at the screen for a long time and rest appropriately. I wish you all have good eyesight!
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