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What is the anti-fog mode of Samsung J7? how to use?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-20
Samsung J7 mobile phone users who posted on 06.08 should know that there is an anti-fog mode in the camera function of the mobile phone. Maybe you don’t know what the anti-fog mode is good for us to take pictures. Now I will explain to you that it can automatically correct the fogging phenomenon of photos taken in fog. If you want to use this function, please follow the steps below: Method/ Steps We turn on the phone, and then click the [camera] icon on the standby page. 1 After entering the photo mode, we need to click the [Mode] option. 2 After entering the [Mode] option, there will be many modes for us to choose, here we only need to click on the [Anti-fog] mode. 3 It will automatically return to the photo-taking state, and the [Anti-Fog] icon will appear at the top, click the [Anti-Fog] icon on the top. 4 When the left and right sliding anti-fog scroll bar appears below, we can adjust the anti-fog definition. 5 After the setting is complete, click the [Photo] icon to take a photo. 6 After the shooting is complete, click the [Album] icon to view the captured photos. 7
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