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What does the new JMGO camera look like? Luo Yonghao: As a former colleague, I have persuaded everyone who can persuade me!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-16
Although the rear view of the Nut phone exposed by netizens is very vague, it can still be seen that the four-camera lens is arranged in a vertical three-lens + horizontal lens design. Netizens also commented that 'I don't know if Luo Yonghao will complain about the phone plagiarism.'   The four-camera exposure of the new nut machine. Earlier, netizens broke the news that Hammer Technology would release a new phone. At that time, Luo Yonghao denied any connection with the new phone. Recently, some netizens exposed the back design of the Nut mobile phone. Soon, Luo Yonghao commented on this Weibo, “As a former colleague, I have persuaded everyone who can. I don’t know how to buy, so there’s nothing to complain about. I complained about the system’s advertisements and bugs a lot in the past two days. Mainly because I am still a user. Besides, because I copied the popular Yuba, because Hammer Black is doing three jobs to save money to prove my design is wrong, so it can sell well, I wish them all the best.' Recently, although the Yuba lens of the iPhone 11 was spit out and ugly, but it was sold out. Luo Yonghao, who once boasted that he wanted to buy Apple, also commented on the new iPhone, saying that he blamed himself for not making a hammer phone, which caused people to be distracted. Forced to use iPhone.   At present, the main body of the official WeChat public account of Nuts Phone has been changed from Beijing Hammer Digital Technology Co., Ltd. to Beijing Dete Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. It can be seen that the JMGO mobile phone has been transferred to ByteDance.   It was previously reported that Hammer Technology will hold a new product launch conference on October 31 at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium. The speakers will be Wu Dezhou, Fang Chi and Zhu Haizhou.  This article comes from
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