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What are the tips that you don’t know about Meizu phones?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-26
Posted on 05.05 Many Meizu mobile phone users don’t know how to use some of the small functions of their mobile phones. Today, I will show you some ugliness in the editor and introduce a little trick of Meizu mobile phones (Meizu metal). Definitely make your eyes shine. Method/Steps The mobile phone lock screen password can not only enter the password, but also swipe to unlock it like a gesture. 1 First hit the phone, enter the main interface of the phone, and click the [Settings] button. 2 Swipe down to find the [Fingerprint and Security] option, and click to enter. . . . . . 3 Underline again, find [Screen Password] in the password protection, and click to enter. 4 Set the password, enter it again, and click OK. Turn off the screen, unlock and slide input. OK! 5 There is often a lot of rubbish when the mobile phone is used for a long time, and it will be very troublesome to clean it manually. The following settings will automatically clean up for you. 6 First open the Meizu mobile phone manager, enter the interface and click [Trash Cleanup] 7 After the system automatically scans out the junk files and cache, click the settings icon in the upper right corner. 8 At this time, you feel like you have discovered a new world. Turn on Auto Cleanup and Reminder, you can set the scan interval, scan time and scan mode. After the setting is complete, you don't need to come here to clean up the trash anymore, the phone will collect trash for you regularly. 9 One-key quick acceleration can be sent to the desktop with just one click. 10 Open the phone manager, click [Phone Acceleration], and enter the interface similar to the steps above. 11 After entering the settings in the upper right corner, open [Add Desktop Shortcut]. 12 When you return to the desktop after setting, you will find an additional one-key acceleration icon. You can click it when you feel that your phone is stuck in a few seconds. 13
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