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What are the functions of Mi Band? How to use Mi Band? How to use Mi Band

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-14
There are two situations in which the Mi Band lights up. The bracelet lights up when the user interacts with the bracelet.   Everyone got the Xiaomi bracelet one after another, and they were even more interested in the three three-color RGB indicator lights made with laser micro-hole technology on the exquisitely crafted aluminum alloy panel. In this article, I will share with you how to elegantly light up the indicator of the Mi Band The first step when you arrive at the Xiaomi Mi Band is to search for the band. The band will flash 3 blue indicator lights. At this time, you can tap the panel a few times to successfully pair with the mobile APP, and the indicator light will go out. (Only on during the first pairing)   2. When the battery of the Mi Band is exhausted, 3 red warning lights will flash on the panel of the band, and the band will vibrate to remind everyone to charge (only when the band is out of power) On, the frequency of occurrence is about once every 30 days, rare)    3. Congratulations, when the exercise goal set on the day is reached, the 3 indicator lights of the Mi Band will all light up and vibrate to remind you (it depends on the individual’s effort, don’t set it) Set a sense of accomplishment at 2000 steps, which will be despised.)  4. When the incoming call reminder is set, one of the 3 indicator lights on the Mi Band will flash and vibrate to remind you not to miss the call.
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