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What are the advantages of Blu-ray mobile phone protective film products? -Mobile phone protective film answers for you

by:YoukingTech     2021-10-30
1. What is ultraviolet light? What harm does it have? What are the advantages of using anti-blue mobile phone protective film products? Answer: According to different wavelengths, ultraviolet rays can be divided into 4 types: UVC, UVB, UVA, U-V MAX, etc. The wavelength of UV MAX is 350-500 nanometers. This part of the ultraviolet light has strong penetrating power and exists throughout the year (including cloudy, sunny, and at night). Long-term exposure to UV MAX is an important factor in human and animal skin cancer, leading to melanocyte cancer. The anti-blue light film is UV400, that is, all 4 kinds of ultraviolet rays can be filtered and absorbed, and most of the products on the market cannot meet this requirement. The simplest identification method is to use a currency detector to detect. 2. What is Blu-ray? How does it hurt the eyes? Answer: Blue light is an electromagnetic wave with a relatively high energy wavelength between 350nm and 500nm. A large amount of blue light is retained in artificial light sources such as LED screens, which makes the screen light whiter and brighter. Let's take a look at a picture. This is the spectral energy consumption chart of tablet computers such as iPads. You can see that the highest brightness peak is in the blue region around 500 nanometers. This shows that LED screen light does contain a large amount of high-energy short-wave blue light.
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