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WeChat stolen? Account freezing and unfreezing methods

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-22
Posting on 10.12 WeChat is now the most favorite chat software for mobile phone users. As a result, dark forces such as Trojan horses, viruses, and information scams have begun to move around, threatening the security of many WeChat user accounts. So what should I do if the WeChat account is stolen or logged in by someone else? The easiest way is to freeze the WeChat account. The editor of will introduce in detail how to freeze and unfreeze WeChat accounts. Method/Steps When we find that someone has logged in to your WeChat account or someone uses your WeChat account to send fraudulent messages to friends, we need to freeze the WeChat account immediately. The specific method is: Log in to the WeChat account to freeze the channel and URL. It is:, and then click 'Start FreezingOnly the WeChat account with QQ can freeze the WeChat account. As shown in the figure on the right: 2 After logging in to the QQ account, we click OK to freeze it. After freezing, the WeChat account will not be able to log in. After we eliminate the security risks, we can unfreeze it again. 3 Finally, I attach the advanced WeChat account protection method: Open WeChat, enter 'Personal Information' in the 'Me' column, and click 'My Account'; enter the mobile phone number in the 'Mobile Number' column. At this time, the system automatically sends a six-digit verification code to the mobile phone. After successfully entering the six-digit verification code, the binding can be completed; let the 'Account Protection' column display 'EnabledAfter performing these four steps, even if the WeChat password is accidentally leaked, the scammer will be unable to log in to your WeChat account on other mobile phones because they cannot receive the SMS verification code. 4 Defrosting method. After you complete the account security check and ensure the security of your WeChat account, you can apply to unfreeze your WeChat account. Before unfreezing the account, you first need to change the QQ password, and then log in to again to apply for the account unfreeze, as shown in the right picture. After clicking 'Unfreeze Account5
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