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We all know that the quality of Nokia cell phone

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-11

The solution for Nokia N70. N72. N6680. N6681 b white screen can be divided into several situations:

1. You can call but white screen.

See some shadows under the display when the phone is turn on. This problem almost in the display circuit, the protection ic on such a machine of the display circuit is easier to broken, and generally we can solve this problem by changing two protect ic and display broken is rare.

2. Nokia phone can't call when you turn on with a white screen

The failure performance for the Nokia phone is the white screen lights still light when it is booting, when you press the OFF button with a small current jitter, but can not turn off the cell phone and shut down the lights. The cause of this failure is the interface for the phone part of the circuit is not running properly. General caused by two reasons:

a. Water. The problem of the water phone is the abnormal power supply of the interface circuit. Many people have talked how to solve this problem, and you can find that in the internet.

b. Fall. Here mainly talk about how to solve falling, the phone screen can display when your hand suppress that interface, cpu label (4377049) and prove the Nokia is element Weld. But how to deal with is? A lot of peer response to this thing another sealed plastic bad high temperature perishable, but we also can solve this problem not to remove it. In order to solve the problem, I share some personal experience to you and I hope this can help you. With a blowing ic which size is about that. I tried a lot of times and it goes well. There is another way to blowing ic, which prepare water and paper towels and with a 360 degrees blowing ic air gun, use the air gun blowing about 20 seconds and stop. Take a wet paper towel on the the blowed ic to cool completely and then blowing twice in this way. The third temperature increase to 380 degrees until the inside tin beads pop out with a blade, find a corner to provoke it. This is too much trouble but 100% not to hurt the ic, the asjust of the temperature of the air gun have to depend on your experience. There are eight or nine empty feet.

3. You can turn on the Nokia phone with a white screen and can't call.

The performance of this failure is the white lights still bright, when you press shutdown and there is no reflection. This kind of fault is caused by the abnormal 3gcpu(Weld and more) or software problem.

This article summarizes the most problem of the Nokia white screen, we also talk something about the touch screen technology, please click that to get more information.

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