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We all know that Apple products are expensive and elegant

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-06

And for all types of word processing, unless you are a scientist with a touch screen, you probably have some kind of keyboard. And since there is no support for USB, you should not have Bluetooth.

It's a netbook keyboard size with hardcore action. The IPAD is used both on one side of the case when the metal around the keyboard is on the other side, working in a similar way to Apple Smart Cover. This is a great protection and a wide range of functions. For those of you, like me, who dreams of turning an iPad 2 to more than just an entertainment machine, a keyboard is absolutely necessary to kill two birds with this stone is a very attractive option. If you just want to see Netflix all day and play on it Garage Band, so no it is not for you.

The case offers a large amount of screen protector. Is not surrounding the raised pad keys to make sure that the screen does not come into contact with the iPad keyboard, which would not be good for anyone. It is on and the bottom of the keyboard, while the left and right sides of the case raised such as dams in the Netherlands. squares IPad 2 not come into contact with the keys. Guaranteed.

Protection abroad can be a bit of a problem only because the return of the IPAD is part of the case. This is not the most important part, but if you drop the thing on this side is not working well.

Even just going to know that it is done only for the iPad 2, not the original. Does not fit, and there will be only the keyboard.

Speaking as it works perfectly. From Logitech, the keyboard is very high quality. It works perfectly. There are special function keys on top of the keyboard specially designed for the iPad 2 with all the other keys are placed in their expected place, unlike some other Bluetooth keyboards that has shrunk. It's not perfect, because size does Netbook, but unfortunately, the iPad 2 Netbook screen is pretty good sized so that the two go together. Maybe if Apple made an even bigger screen, one day, the keyboard will grow, but now it's just not possible.

This is the closest you are going to turn your iPhone in two clamshell laptop so by all means, if you're interested in iPad 2 protection and functionality with the keyboard, to go out and buy this. It's worth it.

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