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Vivo NEX will bring a hundred players to the 2018 ChinaJoy

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-04
Renewing its glory, vivo NEX becomes KPL's new generation of official game machine|||In addition to the new model of King Glory border breakthrough and the unprecedented ChinaJoy live team battle of 100 people, what is even more exciting is KPL's new generation of official machine, vivo NEX Wonderful performance. Vivo NEX, as the Vivo King of Glory Border Breakout machine, has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, engine-level SDK optimization, DTS surround sound, HPUE antenna and zero-sensing heat dissipation and other configurations, which will enhance the mobile game experience and help players The super 'buff' of winning victory and being extraordinary. From the Xplay6, the mobile game weapon that emerged on ChinaJoy in 2017, to the previous generation of acclaimed KPL official game machine X20, vivo has never stopped in the journey of polishing product performance and pursuing the perfect experience of mobile games. Since the release of vivo's latest flagship product NEX in June this year, it has astounded the mobile phone industry with its outstanding gaming performance. Not long ago, vivo NEX lived up to expectations and successfully took over the X20 to become KPL's next-generation official game machine, and held a machine replacement ceremony at the KPL Spring Finals, attracting a large number of players. Vivo, which has extensive experience in mobile game e-sports, has established a joint laboratory with Tencent Games to optimize the game experience and conduct in-depth cooperation on new hardware platforms and new game platforms. It has become the leading 'industry expert' in the field of mobile games. As a mobile phone brand that is determined to create a top gaming experience, vivo is committed to bringing users a smoother and more stable gaming performance experience. In the upcoming vivo king of glory border breakout stage, you will have a vivo NEX in your hand. It is possible to reach the pinnacle of the era of mobile gaming! Join hands with the strongest army to make their appearance together, waiting for you to fight. For a long time, vivo with the label of 'black technology' has never been confined to the shackles of 'technologyThe entertainment experience of consumption habits. The 16th ChinaJoy (China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Products and Technology Application Exhibition) with the theme of 'New Technology, New Entertainment, and New Value' will be held in Shanghai from August 3rd to 6th. As one of the most influential events in the global digital interactive entertainment field, ChinaJoy's mobile gaming circle's influence and attention has also been increasing year by year. This time, vivo, which is committed to continuously optimizing game performance for players, will bring NEX onto the stage of 2018 ChinaJoy, once again creating unforgettable surprise moments for global mobile game e-sports players. Vivo King of Glory Frontier Breakout Tournament is hotly recruited, the kings are assembled, and the aspirations are extraordinary And vivo, which has always focused on user experience, brings a passionate feast to the majority of players. From July 21st to 26th, sign up to participate in the 'NEX Hundreds of Team Battles' qualifiers held by vivo in stores across the country. You will have the opportunity to attend the ChinaJoy finals and compete on the same stage with professional team QGhappy. 'The NEX gift is waiting for you! Border Break is the latest mobile game version of 'Eating Chicken' launched by Honor of Kings. As a brand new game scene of the classic mobile game, I believe gamers are already eager to try and compete with vivo on the ChinaJoy site.
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