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Use a vibrato card to make your phone look new

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-07
SCR Screen Recorder Pro can be said to be the only screen recording application that supports internal recording before Android 7.0.   With the introduction of full-screen mobile phones by major manufacturers, many consumers have also updated their models. Full-screen, dual-camera, triple-camera, transparent body, and retractable lenses have become commonplace. But, do you really know how to use your phone? How to take a screenshot? How to take a long picture? How to record the screen? How to split the screen? This tells you!    How to record the screen on an Android phone?    On video settings, except for the commonly used resolutions and frames Rate adjustment, it also supports bit rate 'determine the richness of the picture under the same resolution, the bigger the betterIn order to improve screen recording performance, it also supports custom encoders (H264 and MPEG-4) to customize the processing of screen images through CPU, GPU or software-specific GPU+. As for the display of the front camera screen and touch operation and other functions.  Other APPs include: Android Screen Recorder, Screen Recorder, Screen Recorder, Easy Screen Recorder, etc.  How to split screen on Android phone?   Split screen gesture 1: Find gesture control in settings, find split screen gesture in gesture control, open split screen by split screen gesture, so you can watch video while chatting and texting.   Split screen gesture 2: First, start two applications that require split screen. Start the browser application and SMS application separately, click the menu button to call up all running applications, hold down one of them, and drag it to the top. At this time, the partition bar in the middle will become with three The shape of the dot indicates that it has entered the split screen state.   Mysterious second card slot for Android phones!    Compared to ios, Android phones have dual-card slots on Netcom, which is the biggest highlight. Some consumers do not know the role of the second card slot. With the second card slot, the three major operators can freely match it. If the mobile network is not good, they can switch to other operators' networks to continue using it. Pair it with the right package to make your experience feel like a fish in water! Imagine a package with unlimited traffic on the entire network, enjoy all apps, and the monthly rent is only 35 yuan! Not only that, the same benefits, the monthly rent can be as low as 0 yuan !!! How to apply for such a value-for-money package? Use Douyin!    China Telecom and Toutiao jointly launched the 'Douyin Unlimited Data Card' with a monthly rental fee of 5 yuan. How many days does Douyin go online in the month and how many days to enjoy in the next month 1 yuan unlimited, only 35 yuan to enjoy the entire network unlimited! Invite friends to use the Douyin card, the next month 0 yuan to enjoy unlimited, 0 yuan ultra-low unlimited package, close at hand!    open to enjoy the gift: new Users 0 yuan into the network, 100 minutes of domestic voice calls will be given in the first three months!    Recharge and receive benefits: After the number is activated, follow the WeChat official account 'Shake Card Assistant' and enjoy the first recharge of 50 yuan.
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