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Upgraded photo experience, Honor 10GT AIS handheld super night view photo experience

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-15
A few days ago, Honor held #潮美之夜#——Honor 10GT night auction tasting in Sanlitun, Beijing, officially introducing Honor 10 GT’s AIS handheld super night shooting technology. Different from the traditional EIS electronic image stabilization and OIS optical image stabilization, AIS introduces the concept of AI image stabilization. When the user presses the shutter of the phone, the AI u200bu200bchip in the phone has already started to work, and the phone will quickly take pictures. Ten photos, through the powerful analysis capabilities of AI, the feature changes of the two photos before and after are registered, and the best picture details are selected to ensure the brightness and clarity of the final synthesized photo. It is reported that in order to ensure the accuracy of the calibration, AI will select more than 100 feature points in each photo to ensure the clarity of the details of the photos used for synthesis. Honor 10 is the flagship product launched by Honor in the first half of this year. The mobile phone is at the forefront of the industry in terms of configuration, especially in terms of camera. With the support of the Kirin 970 chip, the 24 million + 16 million pixel dual-camera lens used by the mobile phone can achieve 22 Class tags, 500+ AI scene recognition, bring professional-level photo experience. With the advent of GPU Turbo technology, Honor 10, which is Honor’s flagship model, will naturally receive the first push. After upgrading to the GPU Turbo version of the system, not only will Honor 10 improve its gaming and fluency, but also It will make the phone get better photo effects, because the GPU Turbo version of Honor 10 has added AIS handheld super night scene mode, which can bring obvious picture quality improvement when shooting at night. AIS mobile phone Super Night Scene supports up to 6 seconds of handheld shooting, completely getting rid of the fixed thinking that night shooting requires a tripod. With the blessing of AIS handheld super night scene technology, the performance of Honor 10 in night shooting is even better. When shooting at night, we often encounter shooting scenes such as large changes in light, backlit shooting of portraits, and complex colors. With the blessing of AIS handheld super night scene photography technology, Honor 10 will be more comfortable in dealing with night shooting in such complex environments. . The GT version of the Honor 10 system has been tested for pollen on July 12th, and will officially be upgraded to the entire network at the end of July. Therefore, users of Honor 10 should remember to check the system upgrade at the end of the month. When Honor 10 is upgraded to the GT version After that, it will give you a new feel.
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