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Upgrade Android 5.0 m 2/2S to open internal testing

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-13
Yesterday, the MIUI official forum officially opened the internal test, and the news titled 'The world's first Android L for MIUI, Mi 2/2S officially opened the internal test, we sincerely invite you to participate!' There will be a chance to experience the MIUI 6 system adapted to Android 5.0 first. The MIUI official forum is currently recruiting internal beta users, and users who meet the conditions can apply for the internal beta.   Xiaomi mobile phones are going to be upgraded to Android 5.0 system. I think everyone is wondering which model of Xiaomi it is after seeing this news. It is reported that the model that opened the internal test this time is Xiaomi 2/2S, which is the official news about the upgrade of Xiaomi phones to the Android 5.0 system after Xiaomi Note, Xiaomi 4 and Xiaomi 3. I don’t know if you are using other Xiaomi phones. What is the mood of the user at this moment? Are you looking forward to the day when your Xiaomi phone can also be upgraded to the Android 5.0 system?   However, it should be noted that the download address of the flashing package is still officially released, but MIUI officially stated that the MIUI 6 flashing package based on Android 5.0 will meet with you at the latest this week. Although Xiaomi 2/2S users do not have a flashing package and cannot try it right away, this is enough to make other phones under Xiaomi's envy.   Actually, Xiaomi currently has a number of mobile phones that can use the Android 5.0 system, such as Xiaomi 4 and Xiaomi 3. The official website released the news that Xiaomi 2/2S can also be upgraded based on the MIUI6 system adapted to Android 5.0. Presumably many Mi Fans who are using this phone will be very excited. Let us look forward to the actual moment of the success of Xiaomi 2/2S.
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