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Updated friends! iOS 12 beta4 officially pushed: a lot of bug fixes, just too smooth

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-16
The previous version of the camera opened very quickly, but it feels faster this time... Memoji has added some new effects, added an automatic update system page, and beta4 stocks now support old device charts. Of course, there are also problems. For example, the SMS page sometimes fails to display the contact name. In addition, the fluency of the entire system has also been greatly improved. In summary, it is 'smooth as silky'! Therefore, it is recommended that users who have been experiencing the test version before must upgrade! Users of the ordinary version do not stop if they want to try it. The latest test version has indeed reached the standard for daily use, so it is recommended to try it, provided that you remember to back it up! Finally, friends who have also upgraded also talked about the problems or surprises they encountered? Early this morning, Apple officially launched another new version of the system iOS 12 beta 4. Since there were many problems in the previous edition, everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the first edition! And this time it did fix many problems that had occurred before. After the upgrade, the current issues that are currently resolved are: wallpaper setting problem repair, camera blurring problem repair, and notification center time disappearing problem repaired.
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