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Up to 19 coils: 599 yuan Xiaomi multi-coil wireless charging board deep dismantling-Xiaomi, wireless charging-fast technology (drive home

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-30
At the Xiaomi spring new product launch conference on March 29, Xiaomi launched two flagship mobile phones, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. In terms of charging accessories, Xiaomi vigorously developed wireless charging and fast charging, and launched the ultra-high-power Xiaomi 80W sailing air-cooled wireless wireless In addition, there is also a Xiaomi multi-coil wireless fast charging board that supports simultaneous charging of three devices. Recently, this multi-coil wireless fast charging board is officially on sale in Xiaomi's official mall, priced at 599 yuan. Xiaomi is a representative of mobile phone manufacturers that actively promotes the development of wireless charging technology. It has launched many industry-first wireless charging products, which are deeply loved by users. After receiving the news, the charging head network immediately placed an order for this product. Now that this wireless charger arrived at the editorial department, we immediately disassembled it in detail. The design concept is derived from Apple's AirPower multi-coil wireless charger, which has been bounced for many years, and aims to provide users with a wireless charger that supports simultaneous charging of multiple devices and can be placed freely. Without further ado, let's take a look at the internal design materials of the product. 1. The appearance of the Xiaomi multi-coil wireless fast charging board is white, with the Xiaomi logo and the multi-coil wireless fast charging board and name printed on the top. The product name is also printed on the side. There is a parameter sticker on the bottom left corner of the box. Open the package, put the wireless charging board on the top, one end of which has a handle, it is convenient to take out the wireless charging. Wireless charging is the operation guide cardboard. There are grooves at the bottom two ends, which are used to install 120W fast charging and data cables. In addition, there are instructions and three packs of certificates. A list of everything in the package. The included charger is the same as the 120W fast charger of the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, and the charging head net has been disassembled in detail. Charger input parameters close-up Model: MDY-12-ED input: 100-120V~50/60HZ 1.7A output: 5V3A, 9V3A, 11V6A, 20V4.8A input: 220-240V~50/60HZ 1.7A output: 5V3A, 9V3A, 11V6A, 20V6A products have passed 3C certification and Qualcomm QC3.0 certification. The attached data cable is also the same magic modified 6A A to C cable, and the charging head net has also been disassembled in detail. The top of the Xiaomi multi-coil wireless charging board is made of silicone material, with an aluminum alloy bottom shell and a PC plastic frame. The overall style is simple. The top surface is close-up, and it has a skin-like feel to the touch. The periphery of the bottom is designed with a curved surface, which looks like a 'flat boat with a leaf' when viewed from the side. There is also an LED indicator at the center of the front of the fuselage. Corresponding to the back is the USB-C input interface, the black rubber core does not expose the copper. The interface is designed with grooves, and the cable connection is more stable. There is a large non-slip pad on the bottom, the xiaomi brand is printed in the center, and the product parameters are printed on the edge. Product name: Xiaomi multi-coil wireless charging board Model: MDY-13-EJ Interface category: USB-C Working temperature: 0℃-35℃ Product size: 232.4*100*15.1mm Input parameters: 9-20V, 6A Max output parameters : Single device: 20W Max Dual device: 2*20W Max Three devices: 3*20W Max Total output: 60W Max Brand manufacturer: Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer: Jiangxi Lanpei Technology Co., Ltd. measured the wireless charging board body with a tape measure The length is about 23.2cm. The width is 99.56mm. The thickness is 16.04mm. The net weight of the wireless charging board is about 471g. Turn on the power and perform a charging test. Put the Xiaomi 10 mobile phone on the charging board at will, and successfully trigger the Xiaomi TURBO CHARGE fast charge. Using ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002 to measure the input power of wireless charging at this time is 19.98V 0.98A 19.62W. Put the Xiaomi Mi 10, Apple iPhone 12 and AirPods Pro on the charging board at the same time. At this time, the measured input power is 19.98V 1.21A 24.12W. Home Previous 1 2 Next Last Full Text
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