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by:YoukingTech     2021-10-30
Transparent pet protective film is used for various membrane switches, nameplates, silk screen base films, etc. It can be used as a substrate in the following markets: membrane switches, dashboard panels, nameplates, signs/product signs, electronic light-emitting lamps (EL), PNR displays, laptop navigation boards, IMD nameplates, IML panels, IML mold inner surface stickers , Various control panels, membrane switches, electrical surface stickers, instrument panels, touch screens, remote control panels, mobile phone keys, keyboards, product logos, silk screen, electroplating, offset printing, and printing. The characteristics of transparent pet protective film used in membrane switch panel: ①Sufficient membrane switch button life (more than 5 million times) ②Excellent resistance to friction, scratches, chemical reagents and household cleaners ③On the printing surface of the material It has been specially chemically treated, so the ink has excellent adhesion after printing. ④ Transparent windows can be easily printed on the sand Autotex panel material with the window liquid Windotex ⑤ Use the sand paint Fototex on the smooth Autoflex panel material Can be silk-printed into a sand surface ⑥ It has high mechanical properties of bending resistance, can be embossed ⑦ Good appearance and dimensional stability ⑧ Excellent weather resistance ⑨ High sensitivity, strong bonding force, high abrasion resistance, solvent resistance Strong and easy to operate ⑩Super high transparency, strong adhesion of double-sided ink, uniform thickness and smooth surface.
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