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TPU explosion-proof film-shenzhen electronics manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-13
First of all, it is essentially different from the film. The material of our product is TPU material. It is applied to high-end products such as automobiles and airplane dashboards, so our products are essentially higher than similar products. This TPU material has a strong light transmittance. Using imported Glastic TPU material, it has excellent explosion-proof, heat-resistant and transparency, and has an impact resistance 250 times higher than that of glass. It effectively protects the mirror surface of the mobile phone. The surface is vacuum hardened to effectively prevent impact and scratch isolation, ultraviolet light and heat The rainbow phenomenon is minimized to prevent glare and high light transmittance to ensure vivid picture quality. Conductive treatment to ensure accurate touch and touch sensitivity, and paste through the most advanced two-sided TAPE to ensure the paste effect.
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