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Tips for recording video on Apple 6 when the screen is locked

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
Posted on 06.26 Sometimes if we want to record something with our mobile phone intermittently, then frequent unlocking and unlocking will make mobile phone shooting particularly troublesome, and it is very power-consuming, so is there a way to achieve shooting or taking pictures in the locked state? Actually it can. Method/Steps First, we lock our mobile phone screen, because we must ensure that the mobile phone screen is locked and not unlocked, to try this method is feasible. 1 Then, we press the HOME button to light up the screen. At the same time, we see the camera button at the bottom right, and hold the button with the hand and drag it upwards. At the same time, the hand must be kept and not let go. 2 At this time, you need to use the other hand. If you are shooting, you can directly press the button to take the photo. 3 Of course, if we need to record the video, we need to hold down the shooting button below and slide to the right. 4 After swiping, when recording starts, press the home button. At this time, do not release the hand holding the small camera icon at the bottom right corner of the lock screen. Wait a few seconds, the screen will automatically turn off, and it will still work when the screen is turned off. Techniques for normal shooting. 5 Of course, in all the process, the hand holding the small camera icon in the lock screen has not been able to move, if it stops, it may directly lock the screen. 6 The Apple 6 system can be implemented. I don’t know if the latest one is possible. If you are interested, you can try it. 7
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