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Three-layer PET protective film, Shenzhen mobile phone protective film manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-12
The light penetration rate is more than 96%, and the reduced reflection rate can reach more than 93%. It is not easy to produce bubbles when applying the film. It is very wear-resistant, scratch-resistant 3H, and can prevent ultraviolet rays. It can take good care of the user's skin. In case of injury, the display is flat and clean, comfortable and free from pollution. The three-layer anti-scratch protective film is attached to the screen for a long time and the eyes will not be too tired. It can effectively reduce eye fatigue and is a particularly good protection for the eyes. Three-layer PET protective film material: imported from Japan, high-transmittance material. The surface of the protective film is treated with abrasion and scratch resistance; the protective film is treated with UV protection to prevent UV damage to the LCD screen; it can reduce reflections by 90% and transmit light The rate is up to 99%, the picture is clear and vivid, and bubbles are not easy to generate when the film is applied; the three-layer/two-layer anti-scratch, non-scratch PET protective film, the product is widely used in the protection of mobile phone screens, laptop screens, PDA, GPS and other LCD screens
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