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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-12
1. Product description: The high-quality metal coating has strong anti-radiation performance, excellent anti-explosion performance, and will never bubble or peel off. Effectively block more than 96% of infrared and ultraviolet rays. Avoid damage to human skin from harmful light. Super resistant film, not easy to scratch or scratch. High-tech multi-layer coating, natural light adjustment, high perspective rate, so that your vision is clear and bright. And it can use its own chemical molecules to change the glare formed by the screen light source to ensure that the screen is harmful to the eyes. Fashionable color design not only fully reflects individuality, but also doubles the beauty and elegance of your computer. The HC hardness and the POLYESTER multilayer structure can ensure the quality of the screen film for a long time. The products provided by our company have a quality guarantee period of up to 8 years, and there is no residue after tearing off. Let you use it with confidence. 2. Product features: 1. Anti-scratch enhancement-mirror surface anti-scratch treatment, truly effective protection of liquid crystal. 2. Isolation and reflection-effectively eliminate glare, and the visual effect is clearer. 3. Electrostatic adsorption-electrostatic ion adsorption, no glue residue and no damage to the screen. 4. Ultra-high light transmittance-imported special materials, almost invisible visual effect. The screen protective film has an anti-glare optical effect that eliminates the reflected light from the screen, and is especially suitable for outdoor use. All films are electrostatically adsorbed and belong to the hard film (or hard film), and they will not curl and fall off after being pasted. Third, the method of use: The product has high adsorption, so pay attention to it when pasting, so as not to Cause damage to the product. 1. The environment around the screen film must be kept clean, do not use electric fans, and do not open windows. 2. The screen must be absolutely clean when using a cleaning solution or diluted cleaning. If there are dust particles on the screen, it will affect the adhesion and clarity of the screen film. 3. Wait for the screen to dry. 4. Generally, the screen stickers are slightly larger. To measure the size of the screen, it is best to use a blade to remove the excess part and keep it the same size as the screen. Tear off the screen film according to the label, stick the screen film on the screen, use a soft scraper or a small towel to gradually press and scrape from the middle to the surroundings, and scrape the air in the middle. In order to ensure that the screen film and the screen are stuck well, and there is no air. 5. When tearing off and re-posting, it must be slow and unrealistic.
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