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Three-layer PET protective film, Dongguan PET protective film manufacturer【】

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-12
Effectively judge the anti-scratch-off steps of the three-layer PET protective film. First: Take a three-layer anti-scratch protective film, tear off the PET on both sides, and use a sharp tool to scratch the back of the protective film (anti-scratch surface) horizontally and vertically. small square. Then: Use the commonly used transparent tape with a relatively high viscosity to glue the small squares tightly and flatten them with force. Finally, quickly tear off the scotch tape from the protective film and observe with the naked eye. If there is a small layer of debris, it means that the scratch-resistant layer is easy to fall off. Otherwise, nothing. The parameters of the three-layer PET protective film can be divided into thickness and viscosity. Viscosity refers to the amount and quality of glue. The thickness is the total thickness of the original protective film plus glue. The quality of the protective film is determined by the quality of the glue and the quality of the original film. So how do we know the quality of the protective film? Today we will demonstrate the method of quality testing of the protective film for everyone. First peel off the PE plastic mask of the protective film and the release test of the plastic coated silicon, knead the side coated with glue on the back of the mask to make the glue and glue adhere tightly, and then pull it away. Pay attention to the difference between the glue and the glue. The longest stretched glue filament cannot exceed 0.2 mm (it almost doesn't appear glue filament by eye), so the possibility of degumming of the protective film during use is extremely small.
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