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Three-layer PET mobile phone protective film is the best

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-11
Three-layer PET protective film product introduction: 1: Product features: 1: Imported materials, high-transmittance materials 2: The surface of the protective film is treated with abrasion and scratch resistance; 3: The protective film is treated with UV protection to prevent UV rays from affecting the LCD screen Damage; 4: It can reduce the reflection by 90%, the light transmittance is up to 99%, the picture is clear and lifelike, and it is not easy to produce bubbles when filming; 2: Function 1: Effectively prevent the LCD screen from damage and wear; 2: The surface is antistatic, not easy to gather Dust is contaminated; 3: Using advanced coating technology, it is not easy to leave fingerprints when directly touching the corner; 4: With special anti-reflection and glare functions, it eliminates 100% of the reflected light and strong glare of the external environment. 3: Use method 1 : First put the protective film on the LCD screen and determine the direction of the posting; 2: Use a fiber cloth to try to remove the fingerprints, dust, oil spots and dirt on the LCD screen; 3: Use the removable sticker on the protective film to remove the bottom Tear off the paper; 4: Gently stick the protective film on the screen, and use a flat scraper to remove the bubbles.
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